You can explore a selection of my projects here, with additional ones available on my GitHub account .

Dangerous Adventure in Space

This side-scrolling run-and-gun game was initially developed for the Ludum Dare competition #27 , centered around the theme "10 Seconds." Although I wasn't able to complete the game within the competition's timeframe, I believed it had enough potential to be finished. As a result, I continued its development, and released a beatable version.

Below are two screenshots of the game: the first depicts the final version, while the second showcases the original Ludum Dare iteration.


Havoc's Screen Saver

A screen saver for Windows using C++17 and SDL 2.0 developed primarily to explore the complexities of creating one. The screen saver functions by randomly drawing pixels on the screen, with their colors changing over time.


Portals (Work in Progress)

Portals (Working Title) is a Doom-Style game engine currently under development using C++17 and SDL 2.0 . You can see the game engine in action on YouTube .

Below are a few screenshots showcasing the engine's development stages.

havLightbox Image